Skin Cancer Awareness

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Can young people get skin cancer?

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Skin cancer prevention

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Rate your sunburn

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Forever young!

Risk assessment quiz: Skin cancer

How often should you perform a skin check? Should you be seeking a medical professional to help?

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How to best look after your children’s skin health

As much as we wish kids could take care of their own skin, they’re normally off running around in the sun instead! As parents, it’s our job to make sure our children’s skin is taken care of and that they understand the importance of sun safety.

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What is the UV Index?

UV Index describes the intensity of solar UV radiation on a daily basis. It also takes into account both UV-A and UV-B radiation types and lets you know what action to take.

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All you need to know about sunscreen so you can enjoy your time in the sun.

Australia’s sun can be unforgiving. In fact, prolonged exposure can have damaging effects. That’s why we have such a stringent system when it comes to the quality of our sunscreens.

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How to check your skin for skin cancer

Early detection and removal of skin cancers is still the best cure we have. So, get to know your skin and what’s normal for you.

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Sunglasses and sunscreen are good enough for my protection.

What Action Can I Take This Skin Cancer Action Week?

Choosing to cover up with a shirt for a couple of hours when previously you wouldn’t have

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Is sunscreen as powerful as we think it is?

If you’ve always been vigilant with your skin and applied sunscreen as a child, then, as an adult, your risk of getting skin cancer is reduced.

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Being Sun-Smart These Holidays

The sun does ‘feel nicer’ outside Australia and New Zealand, but remember, that allows you to spend more time in it without feeling the pinch of an oncoming burn.

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How to get sunsafe in four easy steps?

Getting out into the great outdoors is a part of the Australian way of life. But you can still enjoy the sun and keep your skin safe at the same time.

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Dermatology Doctor Measures Mole with Digital Caliper Measuring Tool

Australian stars shine a light on skin cancer risks.

A BCC is the most common of all cancers (not just skin cancer) and it favours areas that have been exposed to the sun. In fact, the face is a very common area for a BCC to grow.

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