Australian stars shine a light on skin cancer risks.

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Did you know that Jackie O and Hugh Jackman have a skin issue in common?

Both celebrities have had Basal Cell Carcinomas (BCC) surgically removed from their faces. And they shared it with their social media followers recently.

Hugh Jackman has had several BCCs on his nose and Jackie O had one of hers removed from her forehead. It sounds more alarming than it really is.

A BCC is the most common of all cancers (not just skin cancer) and it favours areas that have been exposed to the sun. In fact, the face is a very common area for a BCC to grow. But here’s the good news. BCCs are rarely fatal however, once they develop, they can destroy the surrounding skin. Also, growth can be so slow you may not even notice you have one unless it’s pointed out to you. However, in some cases, a Basal Cell Carcinoma can grow quickly.

What do they look like?

A BCC commonly starts out life looking like a little ‘pearl’ growing on the skin or as a small, red patch that’s quite obvious. It can also look like a very subtle, pale patch of skin. In other cases, a BCC can bleed but it’s not painful.

So, while it’s fun to aspire to celebrities like Jackie O and Hugh Jackman, getting a BCC is not the way to go about it.

Here’s what you can do to avoid developing a BCC in the future or find it early, if you have one:

Ask your GP to look at any growths or changes on your skin that may worry you.

You should also consider seeing a doctor who has a special interest in skin cancers. They’ll examine your skin with a dermatoscope which will increase the likelihood of a more accurate diagnosis. This is particularly important cosmetically if you suspect a BCC on your face.

For more details on skin cancer doctors in your area, visit Here.

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