How to check your skin

Self-checking is a vital part of finding skin cancers. In fact, many skin cancers are found by the patient and then formally diagnosed and treated by the doctor.

Knowing your skin well makes it more likely that you will spot something different or something that stands out or looks changed.

Examine your skin closely for a minute or so. Take note of anything that gets your attention or has changed over time.

A simple and memorable way of categorising what concerns you is to ‘SCAN‘* your skin’.

S – Sore?

C – Changing?

A – Abnormal?

N – New?

After only a few self-checks you will come to know your own skin and what is normal. Self-checks will become quick, streamlined and simple. Anything odd or new will stand out immediately.

Make your skin self-check a regular habit every 3-4 months.

Watch a self check video


* Developed by the Skin Cancer College Australasia