What Action Can I Take This Skin Cancer Action Week?

Sunglasses and sunscreen are good enough for my protection.

OK folks.

This is a personal one.

Yes.  I’m speaking to you.

And, no, I’m not going to spout the usual mantra of “slip, slop, yada, yada, yada”.

Because I’m talking to you:

  • the tanned one
  • the crusty-skinned one
  • the one who got burnt last week
  • the one who gets burned every summer
  • the one who got burned as a kid and teen
  • the one who has skin that’s too white
  • the one who has skin that’s olive – so why bother protecting?
  • the one who is bullet-proof
  • the one who thinks that “all the damage is done”
  • the one who has given up
  • YOU

And I know you’ve heard it all before; how can you not have?  You’d have to have been living under a rock for the past almost forty years not to.

So, since you might be ignoring all of the received wisdom of “slip, slop, slap, slide and seek” anyway – let’s park that for a while.

…..but only if we can do this deal:

I want you to answer the question in the title – ‘What Action Can I Take This Skin Cancer Action Week?’ – with:

“I undertake to do one thing – and one thing only – to decrease my risk of skin cancer this year.”

And, no, that’s not necessarily having a skin check.  Although it’s a good thing to do, this task is on you.  100% you.

And it’s about prevention – not diagnosis.  It’s about maximising your skin cancer doctor’s chances of finding nothing of concern, smiling and congratulating you on your skin care this year.

How about:

  • Choosing to be a skin shade lighter this year than last
  • Choosing to cover up with a shirt for a couple of hours when previously you wouldn’t have
  • Finding a sunscreen that you don’t hate (try an alcohol-based one; they dry nicely)
  • Sacrificing the hairdo a few times for a hat
  • Buying some effective, UV-protected sunnies (go wrap-around, if you can)
  • Fake-bake rather than the real-deal
  • Go out this week and buy a rashie as an early Christmas gift to yourself

Just do one, small action this Skin Cancer Action Week.

And next year, we’ll discuss the next small step.

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