Some diagnoses may require a biopsy. A biopsy is the removal of some or all of a ‘lesion’ (spot or mole) for examination under a microscope at the laboratory. All biopsies are completed under local anaesthetic so that you only feel a small pinprick. A biopsy will allow your doctor to determine the best treatment plan, based on your result.

The common types of biopsy are:

  • Shave – the lesion is shaved off.
  • Punch – a cylindrical portion of the lesion is removed.
  • Excision – the entire lesion is removed.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Your doctor may determine that the best course of treatment is to remove the skin cancer surgically. The vast majority of skin cancers can be removed within our dedicated and fully equipped procedure rooms.


Cryotherapy is the freezing of a lesion. This is commonly done to pre-cancerous sun damaged areas but can also be a treatment for some skin cancers.


Curettage is the ‘scraping off’ of a lesion. This is another type of treatment for certain skin cancers.

Before any type of treatment is undertaken, your doctor will explain what is involved as well as the pros and cons and any alternative treatment options.