Dr Premysl Kunz

Skin Cancer Doctor, Forest Hill
MBBS; General medicine; Professional Diploma of General Dermatology; Advanced Certificate of General Dermatology

Dr Prema Kunz graduated with an MBBS from Czechoslovakia in 1976. He moved to Australia in 1980 where he passed the Australian Medical Council Exam in 1982. Dr Kunz worked at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre before going into private practice in 1985. Prema joined the Healius team at Forest Hill in 2006.

As one of the most senior doctors at Forest Hill, Dr Kunz has many years of experience in General Practice and a special interest in Skin Cancer Medicine and Dermatology. He has practiced in the skin cancer clinic since 2012 and recently received a Professional Diploma in General Dermatology from the University of Queensland. He currently acts as the clinical mentor, responsible for supervising and organising continuous professional development for the GPs in the centre.

Dr. Kunz is able to provide a full and detailed skin assessment, via a comprehensive examination. If a skin cancer (or other spot of concern) is found, Dr Kunz is highly experienced and skilled in the surgical removal of skin lesions and cancers and he also provides non-surgical treatments for skin cancer.

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Languages Spoken

  • English

Special Interests

  • Skin

  • Skin Cancer Surgery