Skin Checks

A biopsy is the removal of some – or all – of a ‘lesion’ (spot, sore, mole etc.) for examination under a microscope at the laboratory. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, so you’ll only feel a small pin-prick.

The common types of biopsy are:

  • Shave – the lesion is shaved off.
  • Punch – a cylindrical portion of the lesion is removed.
  • Excision – the entire lesion is removed.

You’ll find it simpler to wear clothes that are easy and quick to remove. Make sure you also remove any toenail and fingernail polish as well as make-up. This allows the doctor to see your skin without anything obscuring a spot of concern. For new patients, please make sure you arrive early, as this will give you extra time to register before your appointment.

The doctors at the Skin2 Clinics will conduct a full skin check for you. However, if you have a specific concern that you would like examined, the doctor may concentrate on that area alone. A check will usually involve removing your clothes down to your underwear. The surface of your skin will be then be examined, including the use of dermoscopy.  If there is anything of concern to you beneath your underwear, it is vital to let your doctor know. If the doctor is concerned about a particular spot or mole, they may photograph it or arrange/undertake a biopsy. The doctor will often discuss skin cancer prevention and self-checking during a consultation since this is vital to your future health.