Learning + Teaching

Welcome to the secure Primary site for learning and teaching. Just think of it in the same way as those ‘corridor consults’ we have with colleagues. They’re quick and to-the-point but often impart information that’s priceless to our practice.

It’s a simple learning platform where anybody can contribute:

  • Dermoscopy pictures
  • Surgical pictures
  • A relevant study
  • An interesting patient
  • Anything else you think may benefit the group

Ultimately, the aim of this platform is to deliver short, sharp doses of knowledge that can be shared quickly and used immediately.

Helpful hints when sharing case studies: 

  • Make sure all clinical information you share is anonymous.
  • Ask for patient permission.
  • Place a note in your patient’s clinical record along the lines of: Permission obtained to use anonymous clinical information / images for online teaching.
  • All comments are welcome from registered users.
  • Conversations aren’t moderated, but we trust colleagues will be courteous at all times.

Interested in sharing any valuable case study insights on the Primary learning platform? We’d love to hear from you.

Please email: jonathanlevy@forhealth.com.au

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