Skin Cancer Does Not Respect Coronavirus

Over 30,000 skin cancers SHOULD have been diagnosed in Australia since February1.

However, restrictions due to Coronavirus dramatically decreased doctor visits, meaning that many won’t have been.

No diagnosis of skin cancer = no treatment of skin cancer

Life is getting back to normal now and one of the ‘normal’ things Australians should be doing is getting their skin checked.

If you are due a skin check – please book in.  We are open.

If you have a spot of concern, either book with one of our GPs with a special interest in skin or send a photo:

Healius welcomes you ‘back to life’.



If you are due a skin check or have a spot of concern– please book in.  We are open.

To find a clinic click here

Alternatively, send in a photo of a spot of concern as a telehealth consultation may be available.