Being Sun-Smart These Holidays

The only holiday regret you should ever have is that the break was not long enough!

There will be no regrets about destination, company or activities as you put a lot of thought, time and planning into those, right?

However, there is one thing that should take almost no thought, planning or money.

Ironically, this simplest of holiday ingredients is sometimes the very one that causes the greatest regret if forgotten; a regret that can last forever…..and end in a forever that isn’t as long as you planned it to be.

You simply have to be sun-smart.  No ifs.  No buts.

Yes – you finally get a chance to get out of the office and stretch out in the warmth… it!  You deserve it and should do it.  Dammit, you must do it and please grab the opportunity with both hands!  But do it safely.

And, yes, the sun does ‘feel nicer’ outside Australia and New Zealand…..but remember, that allows you to spend more time in it without feeling the pinch of an oncoming burn.

And it is those minutes accumulating ultra-violet light (UV) that counts.

Your job is to limit those dangerous minutes whilst maximising your enjoyment, relaxation and holiday fun.


  • Get some SPF50+ and use it liberally.   Reapply it two-hourly. (Set an alarm if you have to)
  • Put on a hat and shades (proper ones – with UV protection – Australian standards)
  • Take a shirt with you (look for a UPF50+ rating)….and put it on
  • Find shade whenever and wherever you can

You wouldn’t leave your ‘street-smarts’ at home – because that could be dangerous.

Don’t leave your ‘sun-smarts’ at home either.  It won’t be apparent immediately, but the effects can be deadly dangerous in the long-run.

Now go holiday.  No regrets.