A Little Bit of Celebrity that Nobody Wants

Skin cancer diagnosis and removal/treatment has been dominating the news recently, with local celebrities/personalities taking to social media to encourage awareness and early detection

And Deborah Hutton has a great surgeon, if the picture she posted of her recent operation to remove a skin cancer from her face is anything to go by.

As one professional (who teaches exactly this) looking at another’s handiwork, I think that the choice of procedure and its immediate outcome looks excellent and Ms. Hutton should do very well, cosmetically.

But I’m guessing that most people who see the picture will not be thinking about it like this, perhaps more like “aaaaagh” or “gross”.

This is why Ms. Hutton said that she “ummed and ached” about posting the pictures on social media.

But she did.

And she was 100% correct to have done so.

The image of a surgical chunk removed from a beautiful face is confronting – as it should be.

But once your initial shock is overcome, your next response should be:

“what if that was me?”

And, although this will happen to some of the population, it does not have to happen to you.

I don’t know exactly what type of skin cancer Ms. Hutton had but can confidently say that there is nearly a 100% chance that UV contributed significantly to its development. That is the truth of nearly all skin cancers.

If you wish to reduce the risk of your face replacing Deborah Hutton’s after her surgery, you must consciously move on to the next stage of your reaction to her picture:

What can I do to help myself to avoid this?

The answers are simple:

  • Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide – Avoiding UV reduces your risk of developing a skin cancer in the first place.
  • Get your skin checked – A skin check increases the chance of finding cancer early and avoiding such large surgery.

And don’t let winter fool you or Coronavirus scare you off from seeing your skin doctor, skin cancer respects neither.